An excellent and totally free football game


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Football is a football game that is both independent and free, two aspects totally at odds with the vast majority of sports titles available today. Where most games opt for a style closer to that seen during the time of the 16 bit machines, Football competes in the same league as the latest Fifa and PES games.

The game has a very similar control system to these games: pass, cross, pass long, sprint, dribble and, of course, shoot. In short, anyone who is familiar with the controls on Pro Evolution Soccer, will be pleasant surprised with Football.

As far as options go, Football is a bit on the light side. So you only get a few teams (without licenses, of course), and can only play friendlies. However, you can enjoy a game with a friend (either against each other or on the same side).

You do get a good range of options when it comes to the in game camera, a very important feature for a lot of players. You can move it closer, further away, in the stand, side on, etc depending on your own personal taste.

Football is a great game, and surprisingly available for free. Obviously, it cannot compete against the best in the genre, but the effort is commendable non the less.
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